ENGLISH VERSION – ROCKABILLY “Musica e Costume” – 1/20 Agosto 2012 Senigallia AN

Art Gallery Museum NabilaFluxus
With the patronage of the Municipality  Senigallia (AN) and tourism
 Shows dates in August 1-20/2012
 Sala Expò Ex – Rocca di Senigallia – Senigallia AN
The Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music from the early 1950’s.
Rockabilly is a portmanteau word of Rock (the rock and roll) and hillbilly, the latter a reference to country music (often called hillbilly music in the ’40s and ’50s) that contributed greatly to the development of the style. Other important influences were rockabilly Western Swing, Boogie Woogie, Rhythm’n’Blues. Although there are notable exceptions, its origins lie primarily in the southern United States.
The influence and popularity declined in the ’60s style, but in the late 70s and early 80s, Rockabilly music has a great revival of popularity that he still resists, with associated trends and fashions.
There was a close relationship between the Blues and Country Music since 1920. The first success at national level “Country” was the song “Wreck Of The Old ’97”, held together by “Lonesome Road Blues,” which also became very popular. Jimmie Rodgers, was the “first star of the Country” itself, was known as the “Blue Yodeler.”
Rockabilly music also reflects the trends and fashion of the 50s. A vintage look very pronounced, which reminds us all of the most famous star of the ’50s, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Johnny Cash, but also the time of revival that had characterized the movie screens and in the early stages of rock 80s. Morrisey from the Stray Cats, the slicked-famous apparition of a young John Travolta in Grease. Among clumps slicked, jeans and leather jackets, vintage shirts like bowling, often accompanied by pictures and maybe great written and printed with logos of colleges and sports clubs, tattoos and more.
The National Competition of Artist Book wants to recover in all its forms this way of life, this music, this custom has been handed down for generations from about 60 years keeping alive the passion and nostalgic memories of the time a little ‘”retouched” over the decades.
The competition includes a Critics Prize for each section (work that will stand out for originality and technical concept and execution), with a Special Mention Prize Critics, Certificates of Participation to all members, publishing articles related to the exhibition and winners in the magazine Art EuroArt. Collective Prize in the Gallery for 10 artists selected from all sections.
(selections are at the sole discretion of the jury). Registrations must be received no later than June 1, 2012, registration will give the right to participate in the exhibition. The selected works in the exhibition must be received no later than July 15, 2012.

Is open to all Italian and foreign artists aged over 18 years
For more information contact NabilaFluxus ®: nabilafluxus@gmail.com
ENTRIES ARE OPEN TO COMPETITION! NabilaFluxus want to remember the benefits to members enrolled for participation in competitions, exhibitions, visibility ‘on the website, publication of books / catalogs, photo books.

Enjoy Rockabilly!

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 Comunicato agli artisti Interessati ( Selezionati) come già trasmesso Il concorso è stato annullato per cause Tecniche.

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